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Windows 11 Home Individual Digital License [ Global Activation ]

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    Windows 11 Home is the best operating system for your home computer. With a host of new features and improvements, it's the perfect option for anyone looking to get the most out of their PC. With Cortana, your personal assistant, you can easily keep track of your schedule, catch up on the news, and even control your home devices. And with new built-in apps like Photos and Maps, Windows 11 Home makes it easy to stay connected and explore what's important to you. It builds on the features of Windows 10 with a new design that's both familiar and fresh. The Start menu is back, as is digital assistant Cortana. There are also many new features such as Edge, a web browser designed for Windows 11, that makes browsing websites even faster and easier, Continuum that lets you easily switch between tablet and desktop modes, and Xbox app integration that lets you play games and share clips with your friends. So don't wait any longer - upgrade to Windows 11 Home today!

    Features of Windows 11 Home

    Windows Defender antivirus

    The firewall and antivirus software is built into Windows 11 Home. It's easy to use and automatically protects you from viruses and other types of malware, such as spyware. If you encounter a virus, the program will try to remove the problem with your consent. It also keeps itself up to date, so new viruses can be quickly detected as they appear on the Internet. The firewall has additional features such as filtering by program or IP address, and the ability to schedule when your device is allowed to access the Internet.

    Edge browser

    The new Edge browser is an efficient web browser designed to limit memory usage. It uses a different rendering engine than Internet Explorer, which means websites load faster when using Edge. It can also read web pages aloud, has a built-in note mode that saves notes right on your PC, and lets you mark up web pages and text by drawing lines on the page with your mouse pointer.


    Cortana is Microsoft's personal assistant that makes it easy for you to find information using natural language. It's very similar to Siri, with a few exceptions: Cortana is strongly associated with productivity and can help you with your calendar, email, and other things (like setting alarms and timers), while Siri is more entertainment and fun-focused is.


    This feature allows you to effortlessly switch between tablet and desktop modes. It does this by detecting whether you're using a keyboard and mouse, or just your fingers. If you do the latter, the system will automatically switch to tablet mode. Once you're in tablet mode, Windows 11 Home is even more touch-friendly. You can even switch to tablet mode on a laptop that doesn't support touch!

    Xbox App & Gaming

    The Xbox app on Windows 11 Home connects your gaming experience to your home computer. You can then use voice chat while playing and see what your friends are up to on their Xbox Live profiles. There's also an "Activity Feed" that shows you screenshots of recently completed game levels, how your friends are doing in the monthly challenges, or even if they've unlocked a new achievement. You can also record and share videos from the game with friends and the Xbox community to share your best moments!

    Energy and battery saving

    In Windows 11 Home you can choose which power mode you want to use when running on battery power. By default, when the device isn't connected to AC power, Windows goes into "battery saver mode," which helps you save power and get the most out of your battery. There are three battery saver options: optimize for battery life, maximize performance, or balance the two extremes.


    Windows 11 Home allows you to run multiple applications on the screen at the same time. This makes it easy to switch between different tasks with a quick glance, or even use your PC and tablet for two things at once! Try splitting the screen with Snapping, which lets you open a second app side-by-side in a floating window.

    File History

    Windows 11 Home includes File History, which saves copies of your files and can be restored if they become corrupt or you accidentally delete them. The feature has little impact on system performance and allows restoring an entire folder rather than individual files (but system files are not backed up). You can browse previous versions of files on your PC or save them to an external hard drive.

    Quick help

    With this feature, you can ask friends, family, or even work colleagues for help with just one click if they are on the same network as you. You can transfer files simply by dragging and dropping, quickly connect to remote PCs via Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and even allow your friend to control your PC remotely while you see their screen!


    Windows 11 Home lets you personalize everything on your PC. You can choose an image as the home or lock screen background, change mouse pointer, choose between different theme options (themes determine color schemes, sounds and other visual features), change how notifications are displayed, choose different screensavers, choose default applications for specific tasks ( e.g. music or video player), control which folders open in new windows when using File Explorer, personalize your Cortana settings, customize the Start menu to pin frequently used items (or the All apps list move), and much more!

    System Requirements

    Windows 11 Home requires at least 1 GB of RAM (2 GB is recommended) and at least 16 GB of available storage space. Supported processors: -Intel Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7 processor 7th generation (or newer); -AMD A9, A10 or FX 8350 equivalent processor or higher;

    Enjoy all the benefits of Windows 11 Home now

    Windows 11 Home is a good choice for anyone looking to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 and don't need the premium features of Windows 11 Professional. For serious gamers, video editors, and graphic designers, we recommend paying for Windows 11 Pro's additional features (like Bitlocker, Remote Desktop Connection, and BitLocker Drive Encryption). Time for faster startups, a familiar yet improved Start menu, and great new features like Cortana - Windows 11 Home is the perfect upgrade for your PC.